Cherokee Steel Fabricators is a custom steel fabricator located in East Texas, which has served the industrial markets in the refining, Petrochemical, Oil & Gas Production Industries for over 49 years. The company has grown and upgraded and fabrication capacity and modernization. 

It’s equipment with the latest CNC equipment for the production of structural steel fabrication.

Cherokee Steel Fabricators has the capacity to produce 300 to 500 Tons per month of class structural steel materials. This material includes beams, columns, X- bracing, platforms, grading, handrails, pipe racks, and miscellaneous materials. 

The company’s primary focus is the structural steel business. Our shop has the equipment to fabricate multiple products for the industrial markets, including duct, steel, Derrick Towers, ground flares, flare tips, and sinister houses. 

The company has recently produced structural steel for commercial markets such as buildings, hospitals, tilt wall warehouse buildings, churches, and multi-level steel parking garages. 

The company utilizes the latest technology to produce engineering/detailing, such as 3D modeling, material handling, purchasing, shipping, and receiving.